Privacy and Cookies Policy

We are dedicated to responsibly managing your data.

1. Introduction

1.1 Our commitment is to protect the privacy of our website visitors and clients. This policy details our handling of your personal data.

1.2 By engaging with our website and consenting to this policy, you agree to our use of cookies as detailed herein.

2. How We Use Your Personal Data

2.1 This section outlines:

(a) the types of personal data we process;

(b) sources and categories of data not obtained directly from you;

(c) purposes for processing personal data;

(d) the legal grounds for processing.

2.2 We collect data on your website and service usage, including IP address, location, browser type, operating system, referral source, visit duration, and navigation patterns. This is gathered via our analytics system for service improvement.

2.3 Your account data, such as name and email, is used for website operation, service provision, security, data backup, and communication.

2.4 Profile data, including personal details and interests, is processed for enabling and monitoring website and service use.

2.5 Service data, which may include personal and company information, is processed for service delivery, security, and communication.

2.6 Data you publish on our website or services is used for enabling publication and managing our website and services.

2.7 Enquiry data is processed for product/service marketing and sales.

2.8 Notification data provided for subscribing to our communications is used accordingly.

2.9 Correspondence data, including communications content, is processed for communication and record-keeping.

2.10 We may process your data for legal claims, compliance, or vital interests.

2.11 Additional processing may occur for legal compliance or to protect vital interests.

3. Automated Decision-Making

3.1 We use your data for automated decision-making in marketing, leading to a personalized experience.

4. Sharing Personal Data

4.1 We may share your data within our group companies or with professional advisers, insurers, suppliers, or subcontractors as necessary.

4.2 Third-party disclosures are made for various operational or legal reasons.

5. International Data Transfers

5.1 Details on international data transfers are provided, including safeguards and compliance measures.

6. Data Retention and Deletion

6.1 We outline our data retention policies and procedures, ensuring legal compliance.

6.2 Data is retained as necessary and then appropriately deleted.

7. Data Security

7.1 We implement measures to secure your data and prevent loss or misuse.

7.2 Data is stored securely, including encrypted forms for sensitive information.

8. Amendments

8.1 Updates to this policy will be published on our website.

9. Your Rights

9.1 You have various rights regarding your personal data, including access, rectification, erasure, and objection to processing.

9.2 Rights can be exercised through written notice or other specified methods.

10. Third Party Websites

10.1 Our website may contain links to third-party sites, over which we have no control.

11. Children's Data

11.1 Our services are not targeted at children under 18.

12. Updating Your Information

12.1 Please inform us of any changes to your personal information.

13. Our Role as Data Processor

13.1 In respect of certain data, we act as a data processor, not a controller.

14. Cookie Information

14.1 We provide details on the types of cookies used and their purposes.

15. Managing Cookies

15.1 Instructions for managing cookies in various browsers are provided:

(a) Authentication - We use cookies to identify when user visit our website and how user navigate our website;

(b) Status - We use cookies to help us determine if user are logged into our website;

(d) Personalisation - We use cookies to store information about user preferences;

(e) Security - we use cookies and protect user accounts, including preventing fraudulent use of login credentials, and to protect website and services;

(h) cookie consent - we use cookies to store your preferences in relation to the use of cookies more generally

15.2 Guidance is offered on how to manage cookies in different web browsers.

(a) (Chrome);

(b) (Firefox);

(c) (Opera);

(d) (Internet Explorer);

(e) (Safari); and

(f) (Edge).

15.3 Blocking all cookies will have a negative impact on the usability of many websites.

15.4 If you block cookies, you will not be able to use all the features on our website.

16. Service Provider Cookies

16.1 We use cookies from service providers like Google Analytics and HubSpot for website analysis and management.

17. Company Information

17.1 Our business details, including registration and contact information, are provided.

17.2 You can contact us:

(a) Using our website contact form;

(c) By email, using the email address published on our website.

18. Data Protection Officer

18.1 Our data protection officer’s contact details are: